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I've noticed that I've been purchasing a lot of things from Livejournal lately, and I wanted to keep a record of everything. Please leave feedback if I've bought something from you, or if you've ever bought something from me! c:


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Just some things that I'd like to buy one day. c':
If you own any of these, and are selling, please message me or comment!
* = Highest priority

I'm currently looking for rubber straps/phone charms, Hakuoki items, Evangelion items, Shingeki no Kyojin items.

Manga (English preferred)
*Nabari no Ou 14, Japanese Issue
 *No. 6 Novels/Manga/Artbook
*Legal Drug 3
*Kitchen Princess 6-10 and Novel
*Full Metal Alchemist 4, 9, 15-23
*Lovely Complex 14-17

Angel Sanctuary 1-20 and Artbooks
 Nodame Cantabile 1-25 (Either the English, or Japanese release)
Descendants of Darkness 1-11
D. Gray Man 1-21 and the Artbook

Tokyo Babylon 1-6
Socrates in Love, Socrates in Love Novel
Sakura Gari 1-4 (Either the Japanese, or Korean release)
Just Around the Corner
No Touching At All
Antique Bakery 1-4
Hikaru no Go 1-23
Let Dai 1-15
Boy Princess 1-9
NANA 1-21
Totally Captivated (1-6 The Korean release)
Boys Next Door
My Loveable Fatty 1-6 (Korean)

Yaoi tankoubons in general...

Video Games
* Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories PS2 (Black label, preferred shiny foil release)
* Kingdom Hearts RE:Coded DS
Any of the KH Final Mixes
Ace Attorney Justice for All DS
 Ace Attorney Trials and Retributions DS
 Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney DS

*The World Ends With You DS (Lost mine a while ago. l:)
Final Fantasy VII PS1
Dissidia Final Fantasy PSP (Black label)